Photo Editing Services: Looking at both sides of outsourcing

The popularity of e-commerce has escalated dramatically in the recent decade with major players such as Amazon making groundbreaking strides in this sector.

Posted on January 23, 2019

Along with the increasing demand for e-commerce stores, it is also evident that customers need information about products and product photography is one of the most viable and effective tools for doing the same. 

An image of a product signifies the features of the product, its value and the identity of the brand. However, the work of creating a product image is associated with various processes such as pre-production, production, and post-production. The comprehensiveness of the art is enough evidence to support the decision for outsourcing product photography and design services to professional agencies. 

Benefits and drawbacks

To expand the discussion on preferences for outsourcing product photo editing and design services, it is essential to reflect on the advantages and setbacks associated with the same. 

  • The benefit of outsourced photo editing services which comes first is the faster turnaround time. The professionalism of the agencies is a critical factor for their sustenance, and thus they are dedicated to providing the final image output within the estimated deadline. 
  • The cost-effectiveness of the outsourced services is not identified directly. On the contrary, indirect benefits such as savings on human resources and equipment as well as the reduction in costs for management can vouch for cost-effectiveness of outsourcing.
  • Limited overheads are also outcomes of outsourcing photo editing services and could be leveraged for investments in other significant aspects of the business. Furthermore, there is no restriction on the scale of projects with professional agencies thereby providing clients with the freedom to experiment with available tools and technologies.

While the advantages of outsourcing product photo editing services are evident from the above description, it is also imperative to consider the associated pitfalls. The lack of control and insufficiencies in communication are the foremost factors that can be pointed out in this context. However, the customer-oriented business models of many contemporary professional product photo editing services have worked conclusively to resolve these issues.

The right choice

The selection of an agency to outsource product image editing and post-production services should be based on the following precedents to make a beneficial decision. 

  • The initial place to go is the company website that would provide insights into the services provided by them alongside individual features and pricing for the services. It would be advisable to select an organization which provides a comprehensive range of services in one place. This can be the basis for long-term associations with a particular website.
  • Terms and conditions of the engagement with an agency should also be prioritized for selecting one. These aspects would have to be documented precisely for outlining the service standards and other details about the project such as payment and delivery dates. 
  • Testimonials and reviews of previous clients about the service provider are also accounted as promising tools to evaluate their credibility. Even if there is a certain scope for bias in these reviews, they are always the firsthand approach to know a company better!

Following some pointers as mentioned above may seem difficult now, but the loss of money and effort in a fraudulent image editing and processing agency could be more difficult later.