Color match perfectly to impress your customers

Color matching on specific images can bring about coherence and add flair to it. Moreover, when dealing with merchandises, accurate colors are very important for the increase in customer trust.

Posted on December 26, 2018

Color Correction or color matching moves the equilibrium of a specific range of colors to create neutral highlights and normally tone down or remove any color problems. 

Perception is a key. Customers visualizing your products tend to make a judgment in some seconds after viewing it. When you want to go far more than your competitors, then you need to up to the mark with your color saturation and temperature. There are many ways to get the best out of your photos. 

Using histograms

When it comes to image retouching services like color matching, correct exposure is essential. Product photography can be enhanced with the use of the histogram. Light colored objects are predominantly hard to capture due to overexposure. With histogram in action, the overexposure is kept under control. When the color saturation and contrast is adjusted, images appear vivid.  

Keeping the same color temperature

Light sources play a crucial role in color correction and retouching. Using similar color temperature during shooting will lead to less amount of time spent in retouching them. If it is not done so, then the product gets different color casts. For product photography, strobe lights are the optimal solution. 

As all know, lighting impacts the way color is perceived. Often the same color appears as something different if the lighting environment is changed. As color has an important role, color matching must be accurate to offer more consistency.

Using color charts

With the use of color charts, your product images are dramatically affected by the color retouching. Without the use of color charts, the colors will not come out as expected, and they will be different from the original product. When your main aim is to get a perfect color image, put the color charts into action and match colors to a great extent that can’t be usually distinguishable. 

Using gray cards

Gray cards are also one of the perfect tools for Color Correction. After the lighting is set, shoot a card first to determine whether any color correction is to be done. Gray cards are designed especially for balancing the color settings and making the photo ideal for product cataloging. These compensate for any illuminant color during the shoot. 

Selecting a good color scheme for your product shoot is very important. Businesses and brands should make their decision perfectly. It does not change whether you are a small niche supplier or a large-scale manufacturer, product image will always give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Choose any one of the systems that will ease your task and generate high-quality images. 

Match your colors accurately and wisely. You can opt for help from online photo editors. These editors provide all types of image retouching services, and with the help of their experts and tools, your product images will always appear the best. Get in touch with them for all image editing work at an affordable cost and promised quick delivery.